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How to Use 'Picture in Picture' on Youtube for Free, Without Premium or a Mod

Picture in Picture is too common a feature these days on smartphones, and with so many apps offering these feature, everyone gets used to it. Some of the apps are free (with ads) and some are premium apps with subscription.

Of course, YouTube offers it too in the premium version but as opposed to other apps, it is also available in the free version but only for the U.S. users others have to just pay for it. But nowadays it's easy for anyone to use a different country version using a VPN, so we tried it with two best free VPN apps available and it works flawlessly.

In both these options, music videos will not work in PiP mode, but you always have the browser to run music videos on YouTube PiP mode.

Here are the two options for using Youtube Pip mode for free:

Option 1 (For Android Users only, Apple users Click Here)

Step 1 - Download Orbot from playstore

Step 2 - Turn On the VPN Mode, and make sure to select youtube app from "tor-enabled apps".

Step 3 - Change Location to United States

VoilĂ ! All your YouTube videos in picture-in-picture for free, except music videos. This vpn app is totally free and ad-free but there is a problem, sometime the connection gets poor plus it's only available on android, and for that we have Option 2.

Option 2 (Both Apple and Android Users)

Step 1 - Download Touch VPN from App Store or Play Store

Step 2 - Change the Country from Best Choice to United States.

Step 3 - Connect and Done.

Although the connection is fast and does the job, but with almost every free app on playstore there are ads which are important for the company to be up and running plus you can always opt for premium. And you can't run music videos in pip mode with this option too.

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