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Top 10 Best Tech Youtubers, You should Subscribe right now!

Youtube is a great platform to learn, show creativity, listen to music or anything you can make a video on, cats to robots to space you name it. With more than 30 million creators and billions of hours of content, you can find anything. And with such a big library a little guide is must and we are here just for that. This list contains some of the best Tech creators you will find on the internet.

In this list, some of the creators are so popular that it becomes hard to avoid them if you are searching for any tech-related content online but some are little underrated with great content. This list only consists of English speaking tech channels.

Here's the List of 10 Best Tech Youtube Channels:

10. The Verge (2.97M)

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The Verge is the only tech company in this list as tech companies often get off-track with their side projects and in expanding to different niches, in which they end up disappointing many tech enthusiasts. But The Verge keeps it simple and on point, they make really interesting and in-depth tech reviews. Plus there 'The Big Picture' series have some really good informative topics which really makes you click that video link.

9. TechAltar (476K)

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TechAltar is kind of a "tech companies uncovered" type of channel in which you will not find any tech review but something more interesting and business perspective of companies making those tech products. Videos are very intriguing and answer the questions you might have in your mind about certain tech companies actions like "Why Facebook just paid $400m for GIFs".

8. EverythingApplePro (8.24M)

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This list is incomplete without having a channel for Apple lovers and, trust me EverythingApplePro is the only channel you need for literally everything about apple, from earbuds to iPhone reviews. You will find the latest and upcoming apple product leaks too and before anywhere on the internet with crazy realistic rendering.

7. Dave Lee (2.87M)

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Dave Lee is a channel for laptop and pc fans, though he creates phone reviews too (mostly flagships) but far less than pc and other tech videos. Plus he is a geek when came to laptops and creates full depth review of low end, top end and even concept laptops and knows what to suggest to his users.

6. iJustine (6.54M)

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Justine Ezarik is not only one of the most nerd girl but also runs one of the most pro-tech channel iJustine, in which she reviews mobile phones to servers to robots plus her 'Massive Tech Unboxing' series is very thrilling, where she unbox big tech gadgets in one video.

5. Mrwhosetheboss (4.73M)

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Started and boosted his channel's popularity with Android / iOS tech tips and by recommending cool apps / games and later adding mobile reviews too. Mrwhosetheboss surely knows how to grow a channel with maintaining a good quality of videos. He does share awesome android customisation too, and with tech news and smartphone gadgets series, you get the whole package.

4. Austin Evans (4.49M)

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If you are into Games (Gaming Consoles to be precise) then you are going to love this channel. With an exclusive partnership with Microsoft, he even reviewed Xbox Series X four months back, yes the Xbox Series X which is expected to launch at the end of 2020 plus he got playlist dedicated to consoles only. He also got some other awesome playlists like 'Mystery Tech' in which he unbox some weird and cool stuff and the thing is it could be anything from a transparent mouse to a fully drivable car.

3. Marques Brownlee (11.7M)

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If you are anything into tech or follow tech-related content on social media, You may have already heard his name or came across his video. With such great in-depth and on-point reviews, He is one of the most famous tech YouTuber with a famous meme on him "I've been using this [phone/any gadget] for [so long] now" because no matter how new the tech is, he always somehow gets it weeks before anyone else. And if you are still not impressed there is one more pretty big reason that you should follow him, He interviewed almost every big tech entrepreneurs Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Satya Nadella to name a few.

2. Linus Tech Tips (11.4M)

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Linus Sebastian is the geekiest guy you will find on the internet and he runs Linus Tech Tips youtube channel, in which he shares some complex server setups, super high-end pc builds, gaming setups and much more nerd stuff. But his channel is not all for nerds, He also reviews mobile phones (only Flagships), recommending laptops and some really cool stuff like running four operating systems simultaneously on one monitor.

1. Unbox Therapy (17M)

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Unbox Therapy is the ultimate channel for your daily tech quota, Lewis Hilsenteger covers all tech stuff, from mid-range to flagship smartphones, laptops, robots and much more. And because of this type of versatility in his content, Unbox Therapy is also the most subscribed (English) Tech YouTube channel. Plus He is only one of the few tech YouTubers to review Boston Dynamics Spot Robot!

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