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These are Top 10 Educational Channels on Youtube, that you sure will love.

Educational videos are a little hard to make and require a lot of research and creativity to make it interesting, these youtube channels are undoubtedly engaging with awesome graphics.

These channels not particularly cover your school syllabus but teaches you some interesting things about all around the world with so many topics.

Here's the List of 10 Best Educational Youtube Channels:

10. Business Casual (900K)

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As the name suggests Business Casual is a channel all about the businesses, companies and entrepreneurs. And not only entrepreneurs of today, but they also make awesome documentary videos of business tycoons to have ever lived like John D. Rockefeller. Business casual covers entrepreneurs from all over the world, from the U.S to North Korea to India to China you name it. They probably have a documentary about every popular business tycoons in the world.

9. OverSimplified (3.79M)

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Interested in Historical revolutions and wars? then Oversimplified is perfect for you. They make awesome anime videos of Civil Wars to Revolutions to World Wars. Oversimplified make history videos, which are surprisingly fun to watch and simple to understand.

8. Real Engineering (2.67M)

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Engineering is a pretty big course to cover with a lot of diversities and little hard to make videos on, but Real Engineering does it like a piece of cake plus also is one of the biggest engineering youtube channels. They have really great graphics and deliver videos in a descriptive way. Although some videos are a little hard to understand (If you are not a science guy). but most of the content is quite interesting and gives you the great feeling of learning something new.

7. Polymatter (1.2M)

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Polymatter is a pretty diverse educational channel, they make videos on many topics like business, tech companies, billionaires and politics plus videos are very engaging to watch. They also deliver descriptive videos on popular news topics around the world and bring you up to the speed what's happening around the world.

6. RealLifeLore (3.78M)

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RealLifeLore is an amazing channel for videos on Geography, Disasters, Mysteries and interesting facts about Countries and Space. And sometimes answer the questions you didn't even think of that before.

5. Vsauce (16M)

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Vsauce is kind of educational channel that can make videos on literally any interesting topic you can think of, from space mysteries to humans or psychology to interesting maths facts, you name it. There is quite a long hours of interesting fact content waiting for you to binge-on. Plus there is pretty interesting youtube originals series "Mind Field" with 3 seasons already out.

4. Half as Interesting (1.53M)

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There are many interesting and surprising things happening at a time all around the world, which you could hardly ever hear from anyone until a movie or a show made on that. Half as Interesting channel covers that kind of new things every week, which is very interesting and gives you knowledge about the world.

3. Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell (12.7M)

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Kurzgesagt youtube channel makes stunning educational videos on Science, Biology, Humans, Future and Space with awesome graphics and animations. Videos are quite astounding, which makes the channel so popular and has over 12 million subscribers.

2. Wendover Productions (2.68M)

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Wendover Productions cover every topic on transportation and logistics. From trucks to trains, drones to planes and submarines to satellites and a lot more stuff that answers a lot of the questions about so many things.

1. ColdFusion (2.53M)

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Tech startups and companies are a big deal nowadays, there are a lot of startups launching every day with a passion to change the world and some companies even do accomplish that with inventions and innovations. And with so many startups, they are pretty diverse too. ColdFusion channel covers all of that, from batteries to cars they cover everything and even make videos on the full history of big tech companies.

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