8 Vital Points You Should Know Before Starting a Youtube Channel

Vital points to know before starting youtube channel

'Thinking about starting a new youtube channel?'

No Doubt, As Youtube is the most trending thing on the internet nowadays and after watching the celebrity status of many famous youtubers anyone could've probably thought of opening a youtube channel once.

Great, but you should see the list before creating a youtube channel as help to some of the problems you might face during your vlogging journey in advance.

1. Consistency

If you want to be a good youtuber, you must have the consistency of uploading new videos. You can post once a day, week or month depending on your content type. Good videos need practice and you can't be great on your very first video, so put it out there don't overjudge it by asking questions to yourself "is it the perfect video?", "does it needs more editing", you wouldn't post anything like that.

No youtuber says that his 5 year old video is better than the latest one. With time, technology changes so are making vlogs, you will slowly improve along the way. You can never be 100% satisfied with your video, but it's important that you post video and try to give your 100% on your every project.

We recommend you to plan 2, 3 vlog ideas in advance before starting the channel and thereafter. It can be stressful to think about the idea and prepare 2 videos in a week or daily vlog for anyone in the beginning, and some even decide to quit. So just try to plan your next 2, 3 videos in advance.

2. Stick To One Type

Many new youtubers tries to make content on every topic, they want to cover tech, vlog, reviews, gaming everything at so early stage but it's not like that, if you do so you are just converting your channel into a mess for viewers. You should set your mind to one type of content in the beginning, you will get the chance to explore new topics but first, you must create your audience in the field you are good at.

For example, Imagine If bb ki vines start making gadget reviews or technical guruji start making vines like bb ki vines or keep switching their type, They could've never got there where they are right now. So just follow one type which you love or knows more about that than anyone else out there.

Never get afraid to try something new. Don't be a follower of the trend, just become the trend everyone wants to follow.

3. Don't Over Invest In Beginning

Most of the new youtubers invest too much in the beginning and get disappointed with the results as not being stand out to their expectations. You can buy products but not skills which will come over time and with a lot of practice.

Stop believing in the myth that you must have $500+ DSLR camera from your very first video, you can or I should say you must start with a small camera or smartphone to make videos. Just start small you will get good at making videos over time.

Types of Equipment you should use from the beginning:

  • Microphone: You must be concerned about audio quality in your videos from start. The microphone you use in your smartphone, camera or DSLR will not work as their main focus is on video quality, so we recommend to use an external microphone to record audio and mix it with video afterwards.

  • Tripod: Tripod allows you to hold your camera or smartphone steadily and helps in creating a good video without any shakiness in your video. It doesn't even cost too much.

4. Don't Go For Advanced Editing Software

In beginning you shouldn't be increasing your stress level for editing by downloading most advanced editing software in the market like Final Cut Pro, just go for most simple one. You can start with Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie.

If you are new to video editing software you should go with most simple editing software as they have user-friendly interface and you can edit your video quite easily and fast whereas software like Final Cut Pro will give you hard time for doing basic editing of video.

5. Do Promotion

Promotion plays an important role as without promotion no one gonna ever knows that you had posted a video on youtube. Youtube is not a place where you upload video and everyone will come by itself, place where more than 1000 videos are uploaded every minute you have to promote it well to get better views.

Promote it on every social media you use like facebook, instagram. Perform giveaways on your channel, Doing giveaways is best practice anyone can do to promote their channel. Another way is collaborations, just find your content relevant community and make collaborate videos with them and show their audience you also make videos on the same topic.

Promotions are best alternatives to paying for ads, Create your own online community by doing as many promotions as you can is the best way to divert social media audience to youtube for free.

6. Youtube SEO

Optimizing youtube videos is also a great way to increase your visibility on search results.

Youtube SEO(Search Engine Optimization) consists of many things which will help you to rank better on youtube search results. Many youtubers has good content but didn't get views accordingly due to lack of optimization. So here are the things you need to do for better SEO.

#1 Making long and content relevant description by which youtube and google can understand what is your video all about and rank accordingly. #2 Promote your video on online communities like Quora, Linkedin and get views out of them. #3 As youtube's algorithm doesn't use backlinks, they depend on subscribing and liking to rank your video, so encourage subscribing and liking.

7. Create Your Own Style

Having a good content is a thing and how you put it in your videos is other, So don't forget to spend time on creating and delivering your unique style to the audience.

No viewer will like the dull old 90's, non-entertaining type of video to spend their youtube time on your videos. So create your own style whether it's your unique voice, editing, or in your own different style than others. You should have the confident voice, and know how to smile, looking in the camera, holding the camera steadily and so on.

And you can give remaining touch by editing the video, and don't make it too fancy and full of transitions or effects, you must know where and how much to use. And If you want your audience to not get bored or leave the video in half the time, avoid putting every shot of the same thing which you love, which will make the video so repetitive and boring.

8. Learn To Avoid Negative Comments

Beside from the fact that you can get fans, popularity, fame from youtube, but the hard truth is that the people can give negative judgments even without using original identity.

You should be prepared for negative comments, whether it's from your fans who don't like your certain video or the competition guy who wants you to leave youtube regardless of your video. Yes, people on youtube do this many times, so be prepared and don't get too much affected from negative comments.

Some youtubers even stop making videos due to negative comments. So you should just focus on positive comments and get motivated for your next project.