Amazon's "Technical Error" Exposed Customer Names and Email Addresses


E-commerce giant Amazon exposed the name and email addresses of some customers and blamed it as technical error. Amazon said that problem has been fixed but didn't disclose how many accounts were affected. The company denies there was a data breach of its website of any of its systems, and says it’s fixed the issue.

It's not clear which of Amazon's website leaked this information or to whom their email addresses could have been exposed to. However issue is minor, as it seems to be but they didn't even clearify that "when the error occurred, how long information was exposed or if it was accessed by anyone". The company didn't even apologize for the problem. Despite the exposure, Amazon told the affected customers they did not need to change their passwords.

In a customer forum, people who received the cryptic message from Amazon were surprised that the company did not recommend they reset their passwords and that the link to Amazon's website in the email signature did not contain a secure link, which would contain "https" rather than "http."