Google might shut down Google Hangouts in 2020


Google might finally shutting down Hangouts by 2020, a message service launched in 2013. it was one of most popular android app, as it allowed users to have all their messaging in one app. but more social platforms and chat apps come along, which unfortunately make this app less usable. "And Google will shut down hangouts for consumers, sometime in 2020." according to 9to5google

For long time Google was trying to change Hangouts, as in March 2017, Google announced Hangouts would split into two enterprise-focused apps: Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.

One more reason behind google taking down Hangouts, as google wanted to divert users to its other chat app, Google Allo. Hangouts was one of a few apps to get early support for Android Auto’s new MMS and RCS functionality, alongside Android Messages and WhatsApp. 9to5Google’s Take

Google doesn't seems to have any luck in chat apps, as its Google allo also didn't do well on android, but the fault seems to be the competition with their own apps, means Google has three apps for the almost same thing (Hangouts, Allo, Android Messages). And to improve that, Google may take down Hangouts. The only thing We can do is wait and see if Google's luck might turn in their side after this decision.

And to die hard fans of Hangouts, they can use it for one last year 2019.