Apple Decides to Resume Production of Iphone X due to low sales from Iphone XS


Due to weak sale of Apple latest iphone lineup XS and XR, Apple reportedly decides to resume production of X to cover up. When Apple XS and XR was launched in september 2018, company also announced that iphone X would no longer be sold in stores, as iphone XS would have everything that iphone X has, with upgraded software and technology and who wanted latest iphone with latest software and technology with lower budget can upgrade to iphone XR. This was perfect package according to Apple, but it didn't turn according to apple's plan this time and iphone XS, XR, XS Max sales can't make up to apple estimates.

One more reason for Apple step being agreement made with Samsung to purchase a certain quantity of OLED screens. With this year’s OLED-equipped models failing to sell in the quantities needed to fulfill the terms of the deal and report suggests that Apple is turning to last year’s model for a solution.

According to TheVerge Apple repotedly has cut production orders for all three of its new models of iPhone due to lower than expected demand. The cheaper iPhone XR is thought to be particularly struggling, as budget-conscious customers option. It was a similar case with the company’s previous budget effort, the iPhone 5c, which saw its sales pick up the year after its original release as mainstream consumers caught on to its existence.