11 (LEGIT) Ways To Make Money Online in 2018

11 ways to make money online 2018

'Finding a way to make money online?'

Many people don't believe that they can actually make money online, But everything needs some time, so do money making online. You can't start making millions on your first day. For even part-time job or some extra bucks to pay your bills, you need to be doing some extra work.

And the most important thing people don't get to know is where to start, So to ease your ways to the online world here's 11 most verified and legit ways to earn money online.

In this list some ways are free and some would need little investment. And this list is totally random not number oriented.

1. Youtube

Yes, Youtube is the most trending video platform with over 30 million daily active users 1.9 billion monthly active users and with that much of audience reach anyone can make money while following their passion.

Whether you are a comedy, cookery, sports, or tech guy youtube has covered it all just make a free account on youtube, make and offer great content and youtube will take care of your bills. Just apply for google adsense account for your youtube channel and youtube will give you 55% of ad revenue you will generate.

Youtube is easier and better way to interact with your audience and getting some fame and yeah making some extra bucks too and you can even start it as part-time and make it full time in no time without any investment or support.

Investment: You can upgrade your stuff as you earn for better quality videos.

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2. Online Surveys

Companies do improvements or upgrade their services many times but how would they know what customers needed or don't like about there services, Yes online surveys and they pay companies to take surveys online on their behalf. But what is your benefit in this?

You will get paid for giving honest answers to there online surveys, as your pay will be not much but hey you need to just click on answers. And if you want to earn more just login to as many of websites as you can and complete as many surveys as you can.

You can make $3 to $5 per hour by just completing online surveys.

Investment: No investment at all.

3. Drop Shipping

Good social skills? Good Following on instagram and facebook? Good marketing skills?
Then this online business is definitely a fit for you, In this you don't have to keep products in stock whenever any order placed to you, you pass the order to a supplier who then ships it to the customer and you earned through arbitrage.

Basically,, you are the online shop owner but without any physical product or godown, just the image of a product to sell and you'll get paid. The amount of profit you make is your selling price minus the wholesale price.

For drop Shipping in India just can get started with wooplr.com which offers the free account and your own online store for free.

Investment: No investment needed.

4. Blogging

Blogging is a good option if you had that patience, are a good writer you can actually make very good income with your website or blog just by showing google ads on your website.

Blogging and youtube are somewhat the same but very different at the same time. Let me explain - #1You would have to get google adsense account for youtube as well as for your blog but for getting approval for your blog is much difficult than youtube. #2 You can't get views on a blog as easily you can get it on youtube (ie. Your website will get hardly shown on google search results for at least first 3-4 months). #3 Process of starting and maintaining blog is much complicated than of youtube vlog. But you need good content for both.

Conclusion: Blogging is harder than youtube but if you have patience and proper mindset to do it, you wouldn't get disappointed by the results too.

Investment: Buying Domain, Hosting, Web Design (If you hire someone to make the website for you).

5. Affiliate Marketing

People get confused between Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping business but they are totally opposite of each other i.e In Drop Shipping you get your selling price minus commission but in affiliate market, you promote the offer and if customer clicks on offer (link), you'll get the commission of that.

Basically, it's is like google adsense, you get the comission to drive traffic to the site offering deals on products.

You can get started with Amazon, Flipkart or both but you should have a good audience base on your blog.

Investment: No investment needed.

6. Online Courses

If you have skills or something in which you are good at, then this might be a perfect job for you. You can get good pay to just share your skills and make your own online course.

Online Courses are very popular nowadays you can make a online course on any topic whether it's programming, cooking, marketing, or seo, just anything you good at and make good money out of that.

You can post your very first online course on teachable.com or udemy.com for free and start making some money.

Investment: No investment

7. Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant is to assist clients virtually without being physically present.

Virtual Assistant has to do tasks like research, handle social media, manage finances, manage emails, organize tasks and much more. Virtual assistant can work as freelancer, employee or own business.

You can get started with My Tasker, Habiliss, acelerar or task virtual.

Investment: No investment (Unless you choose start-up)

8. Sell Homemade Craft

Love to decorate your house or love to make some best out of waste? It is time to earn money from that.

Yes, you heard it right, now you can easily sell your homemade or handmade craft online and turn your hobby into a profitable business. You just had to make an account on one of the sites, add your product and leave the rest of work to website.

You can start selling your homemade craft from sites like Etsy.com, craftsy.com, ebay.com.

Investment: No investment in selling online.

9. Become Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist work is to transcribe any video or by listening to any audio, in simple words write subtitle of videos by listening to audio.

For transcribing, you should have good writing speed and listening skills too, But you can make decent amount of money while working 2 to 3 hours from home. Transcriptionist gets $15 to $25 per hour or more.

You can get started with transcribeme.com.

Investment: No investment.

10. Become Freelancer

Whether you are web designer, developer, content writer or graphic designer, freelancing has all jobs that can be done online. Freelancing is the most popular and convenient way of making money online.

A Freelancer can work anytime, anywhere. They don't have to be committed to any company as an employee and go to office everyday same time. They are their own boss. Freelancers can make $100 to $2000 or more.

Most popular sites for freelancing are freelance.in, upwork.com, fiverr.com.

Investment: No investment.

11. Sell Photos Online

Love to click photos? Then give this job a try. Yes, you can sell your photos for a good price online.

An increased amount of popularity for stock photos has very much increased this online business popularity in recent years. Now companies, web designers or bloggers everyone needs stock photos. So your job is to post photos to any of the sites below and they will create copyright of that photo on your behalf and whenever your photo will be used online, you'll get paid.

You can start with shutterstock.com, fotolia.com, alamy.com.

Investment: No investment.