US Government don't want other Countries to use Huawei equipments


Huawei, a chinese smartphone company has not such a good relationship with US. After a congressional report from 2012 called it a national security threat out of concerns that the Chinese government could compel the company to give it access to sensitive data.

US also banned government personnel from using Huawei and ZTE devices just before this year's midterm elections. According to The Wall Street Journal, the US officials have been in contact with Germany, Japan, Italy and other friendly countries' representatives, telling them about what they see as cybersecurity risks if they use Huawei-made components to build their 5G infrastructure.

Huawei is second biggest smartphone company in the world, and the leading 5G equipment supplier. the only company which offers latest products at lower prices than its rivals. the company does not have a not so good presence in the US and with the US efforts, chances are the company's popularity worldwide may get hit. As Australia banned usage of Huawei equipment in its 5G networks, and it remains to be seen whether the countries decide to take the US government's advice