Audi Teases its fully Electic Vehicle E-Tron GT ahead of its Launch


The German automobile manufacturer, Audi teased the E-Tron GT sedan. which audi will reveal the entire car tomorrow, November 28, at the LA Auto Show. According to Bild, the E-Tron GT will be the Audi's flagship in EV segment, and to hunt Tesla.

The E-Tron Gt sedan will be long and spacious thanks to its smart platform, the 100 kWh battery will be located under the floor. and it will be flatter than Audi A7. The car will be as long as a luxury sedan and as broad as a sports car, and the flat roof will surely make plenty of space in the car.


The EV is expected to go into production in 2020, so the car we'll see in LA is likely to be a concept, The final car will reportedly have a 100 kWh battery that takes it around 248 miles on a charge and to 62 mph in under 4 seconds, and will get to face-off with Tesla's Model S, according to report.


Bild - "The battery is installed in the subfloor, only thanks to recesses in the battery area (Audi calls it "Fußgaragen"), the e-tron gt can be so low. Incidentally, the platform itself comes from Porsche, where it will be used for the Taycan from the end of 2019." As the price of of the E-Tron GT sedan not yet confirmed, it is likely to be costs around $75,000.