Instagram will Now Start Removing Fake Likes, Comments and Follows Created by Apps


Ever Since social media industry boomed, things like fake social media accounnts, spambots, likebots also came. But Instagram will now solve this problem and remove fake likes, follows and comments from Instagram. Yes, Any instagram account that try to get fake likes and follows using third-party services to get more social presence, will now be removed for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use, the company announced as part of policy change today.

Instagram says, it has built machine learning-powered moderation tools that will help identify which accounts use these services and automatically remove the likes, follows, and comments. If any account get spotted using third-party apps to boost their likes, will be notified within Instagram that its fake likes have been removed. They’ll also be prompted to change their password, in case the third-party apps have compromised their account security.


Also Facebook has said that inauthentic accounts are often the root of these campaigns, and it has removed 754 million fake accounts in the past quarter alone, and stopping these spam apps could prevent them from misusing clients’ accounts. Instagram has been taking down fake accounts since at least 2014. The battle to rid Instagram of both inauthentic activity and accounts is still far from over though, as Instagram repeatedly had to remove groups of fake accounts linked to Russian and Iranian trolls in the months and weeks leading up to the U.S. midterm elections.

As Instagram had also become the measure of people's popularity and influence, it become very much important for Instagram to take this step, for user's privacy as well Instagram’s legitimacy. And not only instagram i think every social media company should do to protect privacy and remove spaminess from social media.