Chinese products are ruling over Indian Market, why?

There is very less chance that any Indian didn't know about disputes between India and China whether it's on Doklam Plateau or on chinese attacking our submarine in indian ocean, China never leave the chance of showing there better relation with pakistan against india. But sorry to say almost every Indian is somewhat responsible for it.

Chinese companies are ruling over Indian market from long time, besides the effort and actions taken by govt. of India , we indians just love chinese products as they are cheap and not liable at all but we just love chinese goods. Right?

Chinese mobile companies are ruling indian market with 51% share in India's smartphone market


And there's no single sign that growth of Chinese mobile brands in the Indian market will be stopped or even get slow anytime soon.

As India's economy is on the boom, every country wants to take advantage of this growth and Chinese companies are investing in India madly. And even companies like Oppo and Vivo picked the easiest way to reach to the vast Indian audience by targeting cricket. By making a deal of $166 million and displace the logo of star India and showing the Oppo logo on Indian team Jerseys for 5 years.

Not only the smartphone market but there are large no. of Chinese apps used by Indians, in which India is not even close if compared. But you will say "how does usage of Chinese apps can harm?", but using their apps will provide them with anyone's personal data, which will affect internet security in India. which can be the reason behind many cyber attacks in India.

Some of the Chinese Apps like UC browser, WeChat, tik tok, vigo video or any cheetah app rules over most of the Indian market. Some of the apps even get banned by Indian govt. but less than a week and they get unbanned but didn't mean they are safe now, so we recommend you to at least stop using Chinese apps. From a long time, India is the largest consumer of Chinese products than any other country because they are cheap but not reliable at all.

And the trend is still increasing, the only difference is products are little reliable and come under well-known brands of China. But China is playing the same tactics they used to play to get more and more Indian customers by making and selling cheap products. By companies like oppp, vivo, mi, one plus with such amount of promotions and advertisements with Bollywood celebrities like Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif as brand ambassador, they just ruined the market for mid-range smartphone companies of India like Micromax and Intex.

Boycott Chinese products fully, is not possible as India exports to China is only 2% that of China exports to India that means India rely on China more than China rely on India, but by the boycott of Chinese products will harm China in the long run. But Indian public must boycott Chinese apps as these apps leak your data and not secure for anyone to use.